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Welcome to us!

ePatronus is an IT institution that offers Custom Software Development , Web Application Development, Content Management Systems and IT Infrastructure / Consultancy Services.

A Series of Software Products for Health Sector

Dr. Clicks is a project of ePatronus Enterprise IT Solutions. It is a series of software products to facilitate the people or institutions related to the Health Industry: Doctors, Patients, Medical Labs, Medical Equipment, Pharmacies etc. Dr. Clicks will introduce them all with ease of managing their routine tasks and with efficiency.

  • Patients Management System

    It is featured with Ease-of-Use, Efficiency and Performance. PMS aims to help Doctors, Patients, Doctors’ Assistants and Medical Clinics. PMS helps Assistants to manage Doctors’ schedules, their Appointments, Queues for a session, Fee collection, Record of Vitals for Doctor’s ease.

    PMS Helps Doctors to prepare Patients’ prescription, view their vitals, attached Lab Reports and record of Prescription against previous visits. Doctors may save their notes against patients.

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  • Lab Management & Interfacing

    Lab Management System is introduced to facilitate medical labs. It may be integrated with Patients Management System for better and more effective use.

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  • Pharmacy & Accounts Management

    It is state-of-the-art management system that deals with all the comprehensive functions of Inventory, Purchases, Sales, Taxes, Discounts, Transactions, Accounts, Payables, Receivables and a lot more. This Pharmacy Management System aims to help

    1. Distributors / Suppliers
    2. Whole Sellers
    3. Medical Stores

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Custom Software Development

Real solutions tailored for your business needs to provide you best of its benefits. It is understandable that what is made especially for you will be really very special for you.

Web Solutions

ePatronus offers complete Web Solution under one roof: Website Designing, Web Application Development, maintenance and backups..

Tools & Technologies

Professional Trainings by ePatronus Enterprise IT Solutions
ERP Solution
Remember one thing: if you need an ultimate IT sollution, its an ERP, an Enterprise Resource Planning Management system.
IT Infrastructure by ePatronus Enterprise IT Solutions
IT Infrastructure
Effective Software and data management can only be achieved with appropriate attention given to the selection of IT Infrastructure...
Offshore IT Services by ePatronus Enterprise IT Solutions
Offshore Software Development
You may enjoy peace of mind by handing over to us all of your IT related services. We do the job for you.
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